The TEAM:MEDIA TELEPORT is the newest teleport centre in Europe, built specifically and based exclusively on the most modern technologies that provide numerous possibilities.

The TEAM:MEDIA TELEPORT is a unique teleport that combines modern telecommunication and IP technologies for the purpose of providing an abundance of telecommunication and IT services.


The technical segment of the TEAM:MEDIA TELEPORT was planned and executed in a manner that incorporates solely modern convergent technologies, which provide for reliability and a spectre of possibilities. The hardware installation was planned in a manner that would meet all possible future technological trends and demands. Through simple and speedy software upgrades, the TEAM:MEDIA TELEPORT can easily be adjusted to accommodate new market demands and challenges of working with new technologies.


The TEAM:MEDIA TELEPORT is founded on reliability and on providing uninterrupted technical services. It is technologically secured in all its entireties, from user/client to final transmission systems.

The TEAM:MEDIA Support Team is available 24/7/365 and is equipped with sophisticated measuring instruments for all types of technical and other assistance. TEAM:MEDIA is always set on the path towards progress and technical development, follows trends and has a very quick pace of digitalization of the future.


Apart from the classic teleport services, TEAM:MEDIA provides its clients with a plethora of technical services, which are also based on new technologies and trends.

CDN, Transcoding TV channels in several profiles, HBBTV, Tooway, Newsspotter and TEAM:DATA CENTER services are only some of the technologies that TEAM:MEDIA offers and provides to clients, operators and companies that require this particular type of professional technical service.