Coordinates Lat: 43°54’6.44″N
Coordinates Long: 18°21’44.22″E


Main power supply: > 250kW two divergent power lines

It is vital to note that in the process of designing the teleport, we made sure that the main power supply was to be redundant, meaning that the teleport is powered by two different electric substations, i.e. two separate distribution substations.

UPS: 84kW – 126kW

Multi Power UPS system rises both horizontally and vertically from 1 to 28 Power Modules increasing from 42 to 1176kW (including redundancy) as well as battery units (cabinets 1 to 10), thus making the system completely scalable in accordance with any of our business requirements.

Generator power: 1 x 160kW, 1 x 25kW

An emergency power system is an independent source of electric power that supports electrical systems in the case of losing regular power supply. Our standby power system includes a generator, UPS and other apparatus. Emergency power systems have been installed in a manner to ensure protection of property from the effects of losing primary power supply.

Antenna platform size: > 4000+ m2

Our antenna platform stretches over 4000 square meters. It has been positioned and constructed in a way that allows reception of large as well as small TX and RX antennas, which are separated by a hill on one side and the teleport building on the other. The teleport main server room is connected with the antenna platform through an underground pipeline, 1m in diameter, which is used for all cables and vital communication lines with the antenna and RF systems on the platform. In the process of selecting the teleport site, we made detailed analysis and measurements of possible interferences, which have been reduced to zero at this particular location.

Server room size: 1440+ RU

Equipped with the high-end Schneider Electric NetShelter SX high quality cabinets for storage of industry-standard (EIA/ ECA-310), 19 inches, (483 mm) rack-mount hardware, which includes servers voice and data, networking, internetworking, and power protection equipment, our server rooms are capable of providing advanced housing for any kind of equipment.

Redundant cooling system

2 x TDAV 1321A. Direct Expansion air-cooled units with backward-curved fans equipped with EC motor, 20-100kW are responsible for keeping the right temperature and humidity in the server rooms.

Kidde Fire Systems – Fire Detection and Suppression Systems

Kidde Fire Systems is a renowned global leader in fire protection. It has built a reputation on protecting people, property, and processes from fire hazards. Our fire protection solutions include conventional and intelligent detection-control systems, which compose an all-encompassing wall of fire suppression systems.

Technical monitoring: 24/7/365

In addition to the general monitoring, we perform a variety of highly skilled, complex technical duties involved in the installation, troubleshooting, maintenance, testing and repair of telecommunications systems and equipment to ensure an effective and reliable customer service.

Security monitoring: 24/7/365

Our local security partner, Securitas employs over 1900 trained and certified security guards working in the field of physical protection of financial institutions, hospitals, schools, companies, embassies, etc. All security guards are skilled in the field of occupational safety and fire protection and are also trained to provide basic life support or emergency assistance till the physician’s arrival.